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Pale Birthday


Wabi Sabi's post on the trailer of Yasuhiro Yoshiura's Time of Eve reminded me to search for a DVD of Yoshiura's earlier works. And found it I did on CDJapan. The R2 DVD does come with English subtitles (and Aquatic Language on the DVD comes with English dubbing) and I have a region-free DVD player, so no worries there.

So for a birthday present to myself (getting to the ancient age of 29 this Sunday), I decided to order the R2 DVD. Besides, I've liked Pale Cocoon enough that I feel I should at least own a real copy of it.

Martin has said everything I probably would have said about Pale Cocoon, so go there to read about it.

Here's the trailer of Yoshiura's new film, Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve; I've also seen it titled Are you enjoying the time of EVE?):


I do agree with Wabi Sabi; the visuals and atmosphere in this trailer energize the Makoto Shinkai fanboy in me. I do hope the film delivers on that, too. I see info that it's been released, but I haven't been able to score a copy of it anywhere.

And here's the English dub version for Aquatic Language.

UPDATE: Got an email from CDJapan that my order shipped yesterday, June 8, 2008 (On a Sunday?), and my previous order took 10 days from when they emailed me the shipment notice to when it arrived at my house. I'll probably will be getting Pale Cocoon next week, though the email claimed 4-12 days delivery.

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Cheers for the linkage, even if it is an embarrassingly old post!

I noticed the Shinkai-esque use of home-grown CG in Pale Cocoon too but crucially Yoshiura can tell a good story with a sense of originality, which is what really matters I guess. Aquatic Language is a fantastic little oddity but as for Eve no gives me goosebumps just watching the trailer! It's hard to say where the story will go exactly but it's a film I'm really looking forward to it.

29 is not ancient!

To be honest, I am not expecting "Eve" to get worked up about philosophizing about androids and humans etc. I am more interested in seeing the depiction of a futuristic world in a Shinkai-ish manner. Shinkai is a nostalgic, but Yoshiura is what Shinkai would be if he were a futurist.