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A New Collection


Alternate title: Astro is the Coolest Person in the World Right Now.

Had a surprise1 package featuring the two Blu-ray movies above. In fact, these are the first two Blu-ray movies that I own now. I got a Blu-ray player2 for Christmas from my Girlfriend, and I've only had one Blu-ray disk play through it: Appleseed: Ex Machina from Netflix.

As for whether Astro should make the jump to Blu-ray, I'd say "It depends." I only have a 27" CRT TV (though it's capable of 1080i and has HDMI input). There's a visible difference in visual quality from Blu-ray disks compared to DVDs on the TV, but I don't think most people would really notice right off on it. I'd say not bother with Blu-ray unless you have a TV larger than around 35" that can support high-definition resolutions. Maybe get a Blu-ray player if you have to replace your DVD, but I wouldn't go out and buy one if you have a functional entertainment setup. Being able to import R1 Blu-ray from Japan might also be a consideration. In fact, my girlfriend didn't get this player for the Blu-ray capabilities but for the Netflix streaming capabilities, which I use quite often now.

In any case, thanks Astro for a great Christmas present3! I'll have to return the favor.

For now, time to get to watching them4!

  • 1. Ok, not entirely a surprise, as Astro had been hinting at it. I am surprised at what was in it...
  • 2. Specifically, the Samsung BD-P2550
  • 3. So it's a bit late. I don't care or mind at all. Maybe we can call it an early Mardi Gras present, instead.
  • 4. Ok, so no English subtitles, but I've watched these movies many times already.


I was worried that you'd already have these by now. I'm glad I could seed your collection!

I've been meaning to see The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I've read everywhere that it's a really good movie.

Anyway, great blog. I've already made a list of the titles that I have yet to watch based on what you've written ^_^