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A Choice to Make


What letter other than 'p' is most often typoed instead of 'o'? I have to wonder what the organizers were thinking.

Well, considering that I couldn't sleep yet I'm still braindead cause it's 1 AM and I decided to check up on here: what in heck are you talking about?

Please pretend my mental facilities won't be any better in the morning... ;)

(Actually, I have a suspicion...)

Update: Gah! Now I see what you're talking about! Braindead I am... Had to have someone else point it out to me!

Now that I know what you were talking about... yeah, I do hope they really considered that when making the decision.  Or maybe they were on a Dvorak keyboard... 

The weirdest thing is, anime fans (in Japan at least) have a very strange and widespread affinity to Nazis, or at any rate, to Germans. They won't be goose-stepping at cons in the U.S., that wouldn't be kosher. But online, it's everywhere. And it's not just fans. Look at Kokoro Library, for instance.