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Interested in Shingu, now...

It's only after Author links to a Youtube video of the OP that my interest pikes up on Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars. Especially when he finds it "a good match and preview for the show." Strange that it's actually viewing the OP that catches my eye, not all of the glowing talk about it on the anime blogging world I frequent (pretty much started by Steven Dan Beste's gushing over the series). Still, all the positive views of the series really didn't peak up any interest (Though I've been avoiding any real discussion of the show to avoid spoilers if I did decide to watch it). No, it's the OP which as been panned by most critics I've seen, except for Author. And from what I've seen, I agree with him that it isn't bad.

I'll put the thinpak of the series on my "to-buy" list after I get my hands on the Mushishi Art Box, the My Beautiful Mari DVD, the Full Moon Volume 6 DVD, and volumes 5 to 8 of each of the Berserk and Monster graphic novels in the coming months.