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Just Came In The Mail!

Looky looky what I have!


You can read me fanboying all over the Promise CD on twitter, if you choose, but yeah, the CD has some very good "reimagings" of some very familiar music.


Inbound purchases from Amazon

[img_assist|nid=2306|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=171|height=200]Well, have the following anime and manga inbound or pre-ordered from Amazon:


A New Collection


Alternate title: Astro is the Coolest Person in the World Right Now.

Had a surprise1 package featuring the two Blu-ray movies above. In fact, these are the first two Blu-ray movies that I own now. I got a Blu-ray player2 for Christmas from my Girlfriend, and I've only had one Blu-ray disk play through it: Appleseed: Ex Machina from Netflix.

  • 1. Ok, not entirely a surprise, as Astro had been hinting at it. I am surprised at what was in it...
  • 2. Specifically, the Samsung BD-P2550

A Visual Upgrade

Well, I've started subscribing to Netflix so my girlfriend and I could watch Heroes streaming through the XBox 360. As a side effect, though, I am now also catching up on some older anime series that I missed when they were first coming out on fansubs. Well, not really all that old, but old compared to the "just-came-out-in-Japan-and-fansubbed-in-a-few-days" stuff that tends to be discussed these days.

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