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Just Came In The Mail!

Looky looky what I have!


You can read me fanboying all over the Promise CD on twitter, if you choose, but yeah, the CD has some very good "reimagings" of some very familiar music.


Music, CDJapan, and First Episode Impressions

Sora no Woto music

I've been making this claim elsewhere, and it might just be me, but parts of the Sora no Woto soundtrack really reminded me of George Gershwin's An American in Paris. I'm no music expert, but compare the following:

Sora no Woto OST - Track 2 - Ciel bleu
Sora no Woto OST - Track 3 - Flànerie

with Gershwin: American in Paris (I) (Rattle, Berlin Phil)


Pale Birthday


People and Companies: 

They have arrived!

Only took 10 days to cross the Pacific. Not bad. And they were packaged quite well too.

Updates from a Japanese Import Newbie

I received an update from CDJapan last night that my order for Gekijo Animation Byosoku 5 Centimeter DVD Box [Limited Edition](DVD) and MIND GAME (English Subtitles) (DVD) was shipped. The email said that the shipment should take 4-12 days to get to me. I'll see how long it would take to ship.


I am insane

I just spent $112.62 US on two DVDs. They were Byousoku 5 Centimeter Limited Edition and Mind Game . Granted, I got the first only because I am a Makoto Shinkai fanboy and watching the raw of his latest film moved me to want to import the DVD before I tackle the fansub of it. Yes, I will also get ADV U.S. release coming this December.

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