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Catblue: Dynamite

Catblue: Dynamite on Crunchyroll

[img_assist|nid=2104|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=200|height=85]Looks like Crunchyroll is on a roll here. This time, they will be streaming Catblue: Dynamite, though I'm not sure if the movie will be available for download (whether for pay or not) from the site. I have talked about this fun CG anime before...

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Catblue in San Diego


I know this is pretty much last-minute info, but I was informed by a reader named Chris a few days ago about Catblue: Dynamite being screened at Comic-Con this year. I couldn't go because of work conflicts, but maybe some others would like to see this rather strange (and enjoyable, IMO) CG animated movie for themselves.

There's also performances by Mimi, apparently in costume as Blue.

Here's the full press release that I've received, with information and times about the screening and performances:

at 2008 Comic-Con International San Diego

>> Catblue Dynamite screening!
>> Mimi to perform live!


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Nick's Anime Update - July 1, 2007

Time for an update of what I've been watching.

Finished Watching

Catblue: Dynamite

I had finished a review of this 40-minute movie this morning. In truth, I've probably rewatched this around 5 times in the past week or so, most of that showing the movie off to different people. I don't have much to add here on top of my review of it.


Not Much Substance, But What Style! A Review of Catblue: Dynamite

I had never heard of Romanov Higa or of his ROMANoV Films before. His previous claims to fame, Urda and TANK S.W.A.T. 01, neither of which I never heard of, were largely panned by reviewers.

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Catblue: Dynamite - Boom!

We can't have an action film without explosions, no?

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Catblue: Dynamite - Lady M, fight stance

I don't smoke, but I could go for a cigarette now...

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